The Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty

It is one thing to talk about protecting the rights of whistleblowers and even support dissent in general, but it takes a hell lot of courage to actually go ahead and create an organized procedure for whistleblowers to find legitimacy, safety and institutional assurance in their actions. In this regard, the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty, has really set milestones and aided critical revelations and disclosures by many. Set up by Gary Aldrich who formally worked in the FBI, this particular organization has helmed the purpose of several issues of national security and individual liberty. Much to the admiration of the Republicans, a number of security lapses during the Clinton Administration were brought to light by Gary and his team. For those who are not aware, his wife Nina was also his colleague in the FBI and played an instrumental role in the setting up of the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty.

Protecting the Right to Engage in Ethical Dissent

For a revelation as big as the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky Extramarital Affair, it was none other than the staff of the White House Linda Tripp who made this sensational revelation. Not only did this revelation turn out to be the most scandalous and salacious in the history of American Politics, but also caused a massive life threat to the whistleblower from various political, social and religious factions. Thankfully for her, it was the staunch and holistic support of the team at the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty, which came to her rescue. And it was not long before this particular incident was blown out of proportion by the international media as well. The fact that Linda Tripp was the first client of the Patrick Henry Center, turned out to be a big badge of honor for the organization, named after the greatest founding father of America, one who believed in the infinite and universal ideals of liberty, equality and protection of every citizens’ rights in a democracy.