Importance of Dissent in Democracy

The very difference between a democratic state and a dictatorial regime is that there is absolutely no scope for any kind of dissent in the latter, while dissent happens to be one of the key defining aspects of the former. In today’s day and age wherein so-called democratic states have elected radical powers, there is a slow and steady trend that is being unanimously being observed that is working out at shunning dissent. While negative dissent and slander might be considered as a form of mud-slinging and anti-national activity, ethical dissent is the power that a democratic state vests in each and every citizen. In its absence, it is virtually impossible for a fair and just society to be established, and the notion of the government for the people, of the people and by the people is no longer deemed valid. It is organizations like the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty that play a key role in supporting and assisting all those who take part in ethical, orderly and peaceful dissent, without any fear of higher authorities or threat to life.

Extending Help to Dissenters

When you emerge as a whistleblower, there is a great chance that political and economic entities as well as their puppet media giants will go all out to get to your throat. While what you have revealed might create public outrage in the beginning and lobby support towards you, there will always be the threat of the big fish trying to entrap you with all sorts of slander and misinformation. In this regard, it is important to understand how the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty, led by Gary Aldrich is out here to assist you at every phase of your personal and professional life. And remember, the sole intent is to protect free speech and dissent as proclaimed by the great founding father Patrick Henry himself!

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