Give me liberty, or give me death!

Yes, these were the very words of the great visionary Patrick Henry. Born in 1784 in Virginia, he was undoubtedly amongst the most passionate, spirited and opinionated amongst our founding fathers. The above quote of his, has gone down in the annals of history as the most defining and aggressive quote that outlined not just the freedom struggle of America, but also echoed the eventual independence movements that dominated the political sphere of Asian, African and Latin American colonies, nudging the world out of the Colonial Era to the Pre-Millennial Phase. While there have been countless revolutionaries who gave up their lives for the liberation of their country before and after Henry, it was this very thought that a person is fervently asking for death if not granted freedom, had adrenaline-fuelled zest running through the veins of even the most cynical.

A Family Man who stood for Dignity and Glory

Despite hailing from a very humble background, Patrick Henry was grounded in the lofty ideals of liberty, equality and dignity for each and every human being. While his parents were Scottish Immigrants who set foot in the land of dreams known as America, their generation was still caught by the shackles of the British Empire. By the time Henry and his peers grew up, they gradually started realizing the injustice and excesses committed by the British Empire in the name of allegiance. While the first generation of settlers could do nothing much about it, the generation of founding fathers like Patrick Henry realized that it was now or never. And thereon he raised his voice, and the rest is history.